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Center for Design Research

The goal of the Center for Design Research is to exploit the untapped territories of opportunity that lie between disciplines and, in so doing, redefine the role of design education through research and expanded engagement with society. The Center has the following objectives:

  • Amplify undergraduate student exposure to design research;
  • Provide new options and increased linkages between the School's undergraduate and graduate programs through research studies;
  • Strengthen the educational environment of the school by providing exposure to the profession and industry via guest lectures, adjunct researchers, workshops, site visits and intern/externships;
  • Expand collaborative research projects within and beyond the boundaries of the University and strengthen areas of research through this cross-disciplinary team building;
  • Establish corporate partnerships and sponsorships within the prospectus of design research;
  • Increase external corporate funding through the development of new shared interests;
  • Expand capacity to build relationships within the design professions and affiliated industries;
  • Publish developments and innovations to educate the public of the importance and relevance of design research; and
  • Development of intellectual property.

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