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Prof. Elizabeth Grant (center), graduate student Christoph Opitz (left), and Ph.D. student Kenneth Black (right) are conducting research on how roofing color affects building performance. (more info...)

Research & Outreach Centers

International Archive of Women in Architecture

The mission of the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) is to document the history of women's involvement in architecture, interior and industrial design, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, architectural history and criticism, and the records of women's professional organizations.

Center for High Performance Environments

The Center for High Performance Environments (CHPE) serves as a resource for designers, engineers, system consultants, teachers, school administrators, facility managers, building owners and others interested in improving the design and operation of built environments.

Henry H. Wiss Center for Theory & History of Art & Architecture

The Henry H. Wiss Center for Theory and History of Art and Architecture gathers and actualizes interests in teaching, study and research of contemporary and historic art and architecture and theory.

Center for Design Research

The goal of the Center for Design Research is to exploit the untapped territories of opportunity that lie between disciplines and, in so doing, redefine the role of design education through research and expanded engagement with society.

Center for Advanced Visual Media

The Center for Advanced Visual Media (CAVM) was established through support received from the Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science (TUES) Program of the National Science Foundation to conduct research related to the application of state-of-the-art computer-assisted visual media in design.

Community Design Assistance Center

The Community Design Assistance Center assists communities, neighborhood groups, and non-profit organizations in improving the natural and built environments through design, planning, policy, and research.

CAUS Research Resources

College Research Symposium

Information on the 2016 Faculty Research Symposium

CAUS Research Information

College of Architecture & Urban Studies